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Wakoola Water Gardens | About Us

Wakoola Water Gardens is  your one-stop supply center for all your water gardening needs.

Our belief is that by celebrating and enjoying water in the garden, we are adding to the environment, an element that is fundamental to our sense of well being. From simple tabletop and disappearing fountains to more specialized ponds, we have the supplies you need to create your very own water garden.

In addition, we sell many items that compliment the water garden including specialty plants (terrestrial and aquatic), containers, backyard birding supplies, garden art, landscape creations, gifts, and more.

Located just north of Atlanta in Alpharetta, our goal is to help everyone find a way to include the enjoyment of water into their environment.



There is only one distinctive name
in water gardening…

Water gardening professionals come to this specialty from many different backgrounds. With over 27 years of combined experience, our team's background includes landscape design, landscape management and landscape construction with an emphasis on water feature construction. We have the experience to help our clients blend water gardening into their overall landscape.